Event: Rose Quartz Metta Bhavana experience

* Heal heartache *Access creative flow  *Cultivate authentic power

* Connect to sacred sexuality and your intuition


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The Rose Quartz Metta Bhavana experience will open your heart chakra and activate the frequency of love, creative flow and healing.

If you are feeling disconnected from the quality of love; if you’re creatively stuck or experiencing heartache, this experience will invite in what you desire.

It’s controversial… but what if there was a way to access power through softness?

We’ve been taught that when we feel stuck or confused we should push harder, muscle through it. What if I told you there’s away to become unstuck, experience greater flow and be at ease expressing your power by being s

Fierce Feminine + Creative Flow: This is beyond romance and healing heartache.

Through tenderness we can access personal power. If you feel creatively stuck or detached from your inner wisdom, this powerful too will reconnect you to your authentic power.

What is Metta Bhavana?

Metta means “love, friendship, warmth” and  Bhavana means “cultivating”. MB is from the Buddhist tradition. You do not have to identify as religious/a Buddhist to reap the benefits.

Romancing the Stone

Rose Quartz is a crystal that exemplifies the frequency of love. We will use this sublime crystal to support our intentions.

No previous experience required. Come with an open mind. Wear comfortable clothes.

What to expect: Movement, guided meditation and deep connection.

Optional: bring a journal/notebook for any insights that come up. You’re welcome to bring rose quartz or any other crystals that you are working with. There will be a group altar where you can place your crystal or small totem.

Venue: The event is at a lovely yoga and wellness studio in West Norwood. The space has excellent transport links and on-street parking.


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I N S P I R A T I O N + B A C K  S T O R Y 

Several years ago, I arrived in the Welsh countryside with a fractured spirit. I’d split from my partner months earlier and was still reeling from the experience. Mostly, I felt betrayed and robbed. Robbed of my my sense of self; clarity, creative flow and a strong will. How had I allowed myself to be so trampled? Why had I stayed in a toxic connection that had taken me to the edges of my happiness? I felt ashamed and confused.

On day five of the retreat, I was introduced to the Metta Bhavana where I experienced vivid scenes that cracked me open and led to clear vision and deep healing. In the wake of the retreat, my confidence and  creative flow returned in abundance.

In this session, I will share powerful transformative tools to get you to the other side of stuck-ness, blocked energy and self-doubt.

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