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Aesthete, Storyteller, Alchemist


Artist. Seeker. Eccentric.

Style-enthusiast. Wanderluster.

Free-spirit. Empath. INFJ Introvert.

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I’m a multi-passionate person, so I share my offerings in cycles.

Currently I’m open for Bruja Banter sessions where I guide and support empaths, introverts and magical peeps with stepping into a space of vibrant self-expression, spiritual communion and personal power. Radiance.

Go here for info on raising your vibration and more sexy bruja tings.



Never one for the 9-5 Muggle Life, I’ve always been an artist and a writer. I have a degree in Fine Art and journalism. My past life includes stints as an exhibiting artist; stylist for swish fashion editorials; an arts and culture writer, jewelry designer and etsy shop owner, as well as the mastermind of a creative networking event for entrepreneurs in the form of a hip-hop tea party.


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The Life As Art Show

is where I riff on art, soul and style.

I’ve spent years independently studying psychology; journaling, meditation, astrology; becoming a skilled empath and mastering energy sovereignty. I share my story on how to navigate the world, how to thrive as an introverted empath that lives for vibrant self-expression.

We cover everything from learning how to become a skilled empath, communion with The Divine, imploding soul contacts, and how to practice rituals for success, to self-expression through style.

I love magical misfits, outliers and unconventional thinkers.


Thank you for being here.




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